You would agree with me that majority of people thinks to be stylish and looking good consistently can amount to spending a lot of money. The truth is you can be really stylish and look good if you can be creative and enhance your wardrobe choice. Here @stylewithjibs, we have decided to show you 4 creative ways to improve your style.

  1. Garbage & Organize

This deals directly with your wardrobe, it simply means cutting down those clothes you use and get rid of those ones you haven’t used. If you check your wardrobe and observe you haven’t worn a cloth in the last 8-10 months, you’re probably over it.

This would actually save you time and stress picking what to wear. It hastens your decision on what you use that makes you more stylish and looks good. If those unused items are still in great conditions, you can sell it off on platforms like Jiji or OLX and use the money to upgrade your wardrobe.

  1. Switch it up

As a human, we’re mostly cool and unbothered when we are in the comfort zone. We can be lethargic to really want to switch things up, giving ourselves that excuse of “I’m used to wearing it this way”. Let’s say you’re used to wearing T-shirt and jeans, switch it up with another pair like T-shirt with some chinos, or those jeans with a polo shirt.

We have this misconception that we need a huge closet to look stylish when the truth is having as little as 4 shirts, 4 bottoms, and 4 shoes can give you more than 60 different perfect outfit combination. So try something new with your top and bottom and rock it with confidence.

  1. Try tucking in your shirts often


There are a lot of benefits of tucking in your shirt and it gives you an entirely different appearance, but in summary, it makes your waistline look slimmer, you get a more prominent V shape, and it gives you a more dressed up dapper look!
you can also try tucking in polo shirts and t-shirt to look really smart not just only your dress shirts.

  1. Roll it up

Rolling that baggy T-shirt that makes your arms look like twigs can make you look stylish. Rolling that jeans (or pants) that stack too much at the bottom shows you’re at the top of your game. You don’t want to look too stuffy in your dress shirt? roll up the sleeves.

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