5 Awful Style Mistakes That Men Make

You must have been wondering what could possibly be the 5 awful style mistakes that men make. When it comes to men’s style, there are little mistakes one could make that will be totally ignored or complement your style better still. Whereas there are mistakes that makes men’s style really awful. In as much as being stylish is a way of expression, one needs to be moderately dressed and appealing so that your style is credible enough. In an attempt to protect your style image, we are going to show you 5 awful style mistakes that men make

  1. Super Skinny Jeans

How on earth will men be wearing a super skinny jean at this present era, you certainly going to like a chick. it’s so not acceptable. If at all you want to wear skinny denim jeans, let it be flexible on you. A super skinny jean would reveal your private part shape just by mere looking you. neither do we embrace very big baggy jeans because it’s so unstylish. To be on the safer side, just wear a well-fitted cut and you’re good to go.

  1. Kids Demo Wears

If you’re above 20years of age and you’re still wearing kids label demo printed on your shirt, it’s high time you put an end to it. It doesn’t speak well of your style sense. There are some stores targeted for kids and teenager, you’re a man, not a kid; so stop shopping in such a store.

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  1. Wrinkled Clothing

Wrinkled clothing gives a negative impression of “untidiness/Lazy”. It shows your sloppy and you don’t care which is totally not cool. If you want to stay stylish, you’ve to look neat. You have to iron your clothes and look presentable. I don’t care how you do it, just make sure your clean and wrinkle free.

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  1. Not Matching your Leathers

This so important, you have to be deliberate about this. It is an epidemic of massive unstylish proportion when your leathers do not match. Whatever outfit you’re wearing, you have to match your leathers. If you’re wearing a black shoe, make sure you wear a black belt. Also, the same thing is applicable to brown leathers. It shows your style credibility when you match your leathers properly.

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  1. Dirty Shoe

we don’t need to how awesome your outfit is, if your shoe is not clean and shinning; that’s a turn off and it’s unstylish as well. When your shoe is clean and shined, it gives your outfit a special type of glow because it’s one of the things people notice on you. you shoe is equally important as that clothe. So clean and shine your shoe always.

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