Hairstyles define your face, and how you treat your hair would go a long way in creating a lasting first impression. Luckily, it is something you can control if you know the right hairstyle, and go to the right barber of course *wink. Here are five hairstyles we think every man should, and must rock, to look spiffy, rigged, and cool.

  1. Frohawk Fade

This charming hairstyle brings out the youth in you. It is much more of a crowd-pleaser, less dramatic than a Mohawk, and has a sleek, urban sophistication to it that makes it a far more wearable look.

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  1. Waves + Low Fade

This hairstyle carries a neat and moderate touch to it. The waves give a cool spice other than a mere smooth low cut, and the low fade makes it classy.

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  1. Curly + Temple Fade

This hairstyle is attractive and cute. Bae would always want to run her hands through those curls.

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  1. Line up Haircut

It would seem like the lineup haircut has come to stay, especially considering the different styles one can creatively bring up with the lineup haircut.

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  1. Low Fade + Twists

This haircut is a balance for the non-curl lovers out there. If you don’t really like curls, you could still look dashing with the twists. This haircut makes the young man rugged, and look really mature and classy.

So what are you waiting for? get yourself a nice one of these haircuts and look handsome like never before.

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