Accessories are additional articles that completes one’s basic outfit, it could be anything at all, depending on what you choose to put on for the day. These five accessories we want to share with you are not to limit your choice of accessories but just for you to keep in mind as necessary, that is, a must have for stylewithjibs as a man. They not only complete your outfit but helps you to look awesome.

  • Nice hair comb

A nice hair comb helps you to complete your outfit and also look good for the day, every day by making you look neat. When you comb your hair, the results are undoubtedly different from when you move around or the way you look with scanty hair. A nice looking hair comb can also be carried around just to imply you are always on your toes and ready for whatever that might happen to you and cause your hair to look scanty. Although some men do not like carrying combs around, it is all about personal choices and preferences. 

  • Lovely jewelry

The idea of lovely jewelry could be relative, and not every man is a freak for such, but still, jewelry could add spice to your outfit and make you look somewhat sophisticated. Jewelry is not just for the ladies, there are plenty necklaces made for men out there in gold, silver or beads, bangles, rings and the likes. Though male jewelry could be limited, it does not mean they do not exist.

  • Grooming kits

Grooming kits are accessories that help in body grooming which involves acts of hair removal, shaving, styling or trimming hair, nails or any other part of the male body. They include nail cutters, for cutting the nails, tweezers, for plucking unwanted hairs out from probably the nose, scissors, for trimming beards, and many more items, just to keep you looking sharp, neat and spiffy.

  • Body spray/perfume

One of the undeniable things that are attractive to men is the way their body smells good. Body odor is a complete turnoff for men and females alike and tells a lot about your personal hygiene. Body sprays are affordable and can be gotten off the counter in any supermarket or pharmacy, or at a specialized store dealing in sales of such items. When a man smells good, it tells a lot also because of the strenuous work it is expected for men to be performing and the rate at which some may sweat. Smelling good also gives a level of confidence and attracts you to the opposite sex.

  • Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are necessary for guys, not necessarily the medically recommended ones. It could help in completing that nerdy look you want to achieve, or while in transit, prevents dust from gaining access to your eyes, and even sunglasses would protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays from the sun, making you move around comfortably without having to squint your eyes to see anything.



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