Confidence is a constant struggle for most of us. When you’re in need of it the most, especially for circumstances you can’t undo e.g. an interview, presentation, or talking to your longtime crush; the moment when it’s crucial to wear your confidence, it suddenly vanishes. Well, you’re one step towards gaining freedom from lack of confidence and we’ll show you a practical approach. At @stylewithjibs, here are things you can do physically and mentally to instantly boost your confidence:


This is so crucial. We sometimes think we are inferior to other people. It’s important for every one of us to realize we matter, and that we’re valued for what we say or do. Don’t let your insecurities pull you down and try not to care what other people think. The truth is, we focus too much on the negative; we focus on our disabilities which often takes away our confidence. Stop! think and acknowledge the good thing you’ve done; either big or small, appreciate yourself for making an effort and constantly tell yourself you’re the best version of yourself.


When you wake up every morning, just take a mental picture of yourself and visualize what your day should be like, especially if you have a big task or project ahead of you that day. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement so be optimistic about yourself. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Hard work, courage, confidence, gratitude, whatever it is, think about how you want to be that day. When you open your eyes, you’re going to feel a boost of energy and ready to take on the day. Go ahead, give it a shot tomorrow morning!


As a style influencer, we can tell dressing nicely has a way of boosting your confidence; that’s a fact. Before going out, take a good look at yourself. Wear a well-fitted outfit, put on a nice watch on your wrist and a decent pair of shoes. That’s a major boost for confidence in yourself and I can bet you would feel like a superstar all day; maybe because you’re rocking that beautiful shoe, you’ll probably get lots of compliments. In addition, a nice pair of shoes really elevates your outfit and makes you look super cool. We hope every man invests in it, at least once in their lifetime.


We cannot overemphasize the benefit of exercising yourself regularly. This activity makes you active and energetic. It boosts your happiness level and increases self-confidence. Exercising regularly can help you jog your memory and multitask effectively. Feeling down on yourself? Exercises can help you feel better about yourself.  One study shows that “the simplest form of exercise and not fitness itself can convince you that you look better”.


Most times, your confidence is attacked by you yourself. You’re the major player in boosting your confidence. All through the day or week, you have millions of thoughts going through your head; some are great and some are ugly. The most important thing is not to let the ugly ones step on your confidence. As soon as you have a negative thought, you just ignore it and replace it with a positive one. A good trick is to wear a rubber band, as soon as you have a bad thought, pull it back and let go of the rubber band. It’s going to give you a light sting, but it’s going to start reconditioning your brain every time you have negative thoughts. Hence, you’ll start to have less negative thoughts!


Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy. The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.

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