6 Style Tips to Dress If You’re Skinny

Like I would usually say, you can always look good irrespective of your body size. I understand that skinny guys would like to put on mass so that clothing could look good on you. not everyone would love to go the gym and lift weight or eat more but there’s an alternative for the sunny guys. So I would be giving you a couple tips and tricks to look better in clothing. I hope it’s helpful. Let’s get started.

  1. Layering Is Important

This is should always linger your head. As a skinny guy, you would want to look fuller or thicker. Therefore, you should add more layers to your appearance. The likes of Jackets, sweaters, and shirts are all way you can practice layering, this would help your body shape to look thicker.

  1. Use Brighter Colors

Use bright colors like whites, light gray or beige, it helps you look thicker. It’s basically about color and people’s perception of you based on the color that you put on. Colors like black, navy and blue often make you look extra sleek and streamlined, this will make you appear thinner.

  1. Your Sleeves Must Be Close-fitting

You might have a surplus fabric, make sure your arms are going to fill the gap. Either you have muscle arms or not, it would have the same effect. So always make sure that the sleeve is tight and never lose, this ensures that your arms don’t look like twigs.

  1. Avoid Huge Accessories

Wearing huge accessories will only contrast against your skinny frame and highlight it, so make sure you’re not heavy or bulky with your accessories. It’s advisable to keep off big faced watches, stacking bracelets or big rings. So, Keep your jewelry and accessories minimal and simple.

  1. Wear Shorts Under Your Jeans

I know this might look weird. When you’re super skinny, it would be difficult to get the jeans or pants that fit perfectly well. So when you buy skinny or slim fit jeans, it looks like you’re wearing a classic cut. Sine, you don’t have any thigh muscles, your pant would want to fall off almost all the time. Simply wear basketball shorts under your jeans and it’ll give your pants more volume, similar to the first layering trick earlier on.

  1. Wear Thick Shoes

chunky trainers are the best fit for skinny guys. It’s a known fact that shoes are the anchor to your outfit, a chunky shoe will add “hefti-ness” to your outfit and make you appear bigger. Some examples of these are Air Max 97, New Balances, certain oxfords and boots are a great option.

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