5 Things You Should Avoid With Your Personal Styling

You have to realize that your style is like a baby. You need to nurture it and take proper care of it, so it will eventually flourish. Your personal style is super important, it is essentially who you are. People know you by what you wear, so you need to dress for success. Many people do a lot of bad moves when it comes to styling themselves. So, here are 5 things you should avoid with your personal styling.

1. Don’t Listen To What People Tell You

Your style is subjective, so you should never listen to what other people have to say regarding your style. Everyone has their own opinions, even me. When I tell you guys style tips, I’m telling you what worked for me. And since it worked for me, I believe it will work for you. However, if you have a certain style to you that works, roll with it. Be creative with your look and it will pay off.

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2. Never Be Too Bland

Some people dress themselves up in a way that is just plain boring. You don’t want to be this type of person. You need to dress with purpose and dress with confidence. This doesn’t mean you should go out and a buy a whole new wardrobe, instead you should focus on the small aspects of your outfit like your socks, tie, or bracelets.

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3. Don’t Be Close-Minded

Back in the day, I really struggled with this. I dressed in a way that closed myself from going out of my comfort zone. I was close-minded to the world of fashion. However, I decided to break out of that box and find the keys to proper styling. There is no right or wrong way to dress and utilize your style. Always evolve your style boys. Never judge something until you try it.

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4. Never Wear The Wrong Shoes

You can screw up your shoe choice in two different ways: Function & Occasion. By function I mean, you are not wearing the proper shoes for a specific function. An example of this is wearing sneakers in the snow. By occasion, I mean wearing flip-flops to an interview. Utilize your sneakers to your advantage and dress accordingly to the function & occasion you’ll be facing.

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5. Don’t Be Uncomfortable

Guys, you should never feel uncomfortable in the clothes you wear. Whether you are physically or mentally uncomfortable with your outfit, you need to change it. Dress in ways that make you feel comfortable and confident. Comfort is key if you really want to boost your style. So, next time you go throw on an outfit, make sure you feel as though you are as comfortable as possible.


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