Today we at Stylewithjibs’ are going to present you with five trendy gadgets you should own, and why.

  • A smartphone.

Smartphones are not new inventions, it is a type of phone we are all familiar with, and they are very useful phones that we believe everyone should have. Smartphones go beyond the usual calling, receiving calls, sending text messages and receiving texts on your device. They are called smart for a reason, and this is because they now perform the work, and even more of a computer system and an added advantage is their portability, and of course camera for selfies. You can take them anywhere and perform multiple functions through various applications that are compatible with the phone. As time develops, the design and functions of smartphones are enhanced, and now we find some are waterproof, have a longer battery life, sharper camera like a standard camera, and many more. Smartphones are indeed a constant digital companion and they would definitely make your look compact and complete. Some of the trendy ones are the new iPhone x. Samsung S8, Infinix zero 3, and so many other brands that are affordable as well. Smartphones are incomplete without a well-dressed individual as it complements your dressing.

  • Bluetooth headphones/earbud

What makes this different and better from the normal and ordinary headphones/earbuds is the fact that there is no cord that needs to be attached to your device and the headphone, making it easy to move around and listen to music or make calls without bothering about the location of the phone, since your movement wouldn’t be limited by the cord. In addition to this advantage is the fact that there would be no cord to get caught on something while you’re moving around nor unwinding of knots on the cord when you want to make use of it. Also, Bluetooth has low power signals and requires very little technology, thus preserving battery life, and making it very easy to use, and access. With this added to your dressing, you look more important, sophisticated and compact. It is not just a device, but a great fashion accessory.

  • Electronic timepiece (wristwatch)

 A watch, otherwise known as a timepiece is a necessity as much as it is a fashion accessory, it complements your dressing and personality. Personally, I don’t feel complete leaving my room, all dressed up and ready for the day without my wristwatch. Electronic wristwatches are a must have for stylewithjibs’. These are digital watches with several advantages over the analogy watches one of which is being able to know the exact time of the day, another being easy repairs which would require just a change of battery. Some of them come with a calendar that would make it easy to tell the date, and even the ability to set alarms. Examples of credible digital watches are Bracing Prestige Digital, Nixon The Unit SS, Diesel white Digital, Mutewatch, Black Dice Gamer, Adidas Peachtree, these and many more would complement your dressing perfectly and keep you abreast with the time at your own convenience without such need to ask around for what the time says. It also gives a sense of responsibility.

  • Fitness tracker

The basic feature of a fitness tracker is to monitor your health and activities. Depending on the type of fitness tracker, you may also measure your vitals, heart rate, sleep, calories, caloric intake, distance traveled and some even have workout tips, and realistic goals you can set for yourself. An example of a fitness tracker you could have is the Samsung Gear Fit 2 which measures the heart rate as well as some other unique functions. It also complements your dressing and can be seen as a classy wristband adding elegance to your outfit.

  • Power bank

Wherever you are, or whatever it is you might be doing, the last thing you want is to have a low battery on your phone, and have nothing to do with it. It is important to get an original power bank, one that is powerful enough to charge the type of battery your phone uses, else it would damage the battery as well as your power bank. It may start to lose power faster than it used to when it was new. Ensure that when you want to use that power bank, it is original and capable. Moving around with a power bank gives you a sense of responsibility that you have almost everything in control, and this would in a way, give more confidence





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