Not everyone wants to wear jeans or shorts. Some just want a very nice trouser to rock but picking the wrong pair of trousers could leave you cooked. So you need to understand the pants that suits you the most, but here are five types to look for, with affordable examples of each.

  1. Oxford Cloth

As you can see from the name, it is made in Oxford the popular OCBD (Oxford Cloth Button Down) shirt comes in, only appropriate weight. Mostly all cotton, they’re usually relaxing and comfy, they don’t wick, or breathe quite as well as linen in suffocating heat and humidity. Great for drier climates

  1. Tech Chino (cotton/poly blend)

The tech chino has been saving lives for those of us that run warm. It is made from poly/cotton blend fabrics which has been designed to breathe, reduce heat, dry faster, and absorb sweat. Some are all polyester, and thus you’ll get the “swish” sound when you walk. Others like BR’s outstanding core temp chinos are a cotton poly blend, and look and feel much more like a true all cotton chino.

  1. Lightweight Chino

Majority of the cotton fabric for chinos lightened up specifically to be worn in the heat. These are not your Dad’s stiff work dockers from 1996. They might wrinkle a bit easier due to the thinner fabric, but your body will appreciate the airy crispness to the material.

  1. Fresco / Tropical Wool

The best of the best of them all. Very hard to get but it’s definitely worth it. Wool is the king of all fabrics. It breathes really well, controls heat, and has anti-stink properties. This is a lean, mean, lightweight, crisp wool that almost feels cool to the touch. A bit spendy, but again… well worth it.

  1. Lightweight Chambray

The hyper-lightweight, super breathable cousin to denim. Usually around the same weight as a summerweight chino, these have a bit of texture and can be crisper feeling that other summer appropriate pants. They should be noticeably lighter than a stiff, classically styled chambray workshirt. That’s not the fabric you’re looking for here.

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