6 Comfortable Dressing Tips For Every Guy

It very important to dress really comfortable every time, you just have to look your look best. You need to take good care of yourself, your body and your dressing need to complete each other. At times you dress looking fabulous but you are not comfortable, it shouldn’t be so. This is a major factor why some men are not putting any effort into dressing well because they are often uncomfortable. Today, we shall be giving you 6 comfortable dressing tips for every guy.

  1. Collar Discomfort

Some men do have irritation at their shirt collar because of their skin sensitivity. Some do have rashes and much sweat gland on the neck due to the collar. To stop this, apply a very nice powder on your neck. It keeps you drier, reduces the fraction and eliminates the irritation that is caused by collars.

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  1. Nipples

This is funny but true, the nipples can really cause discomfort for a lot of guys who have pointed nipples. Especially when they’re wearing a light or white shirt, their nipples tend to show and you mostly wouldn’t like to cause unnecessary attention to yourself. To avoid this, use band-aid or plaster band on your nipples. This would really keep nipples from showing and gives you the comfort you need.

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  1. Muffin Top

It’s not cool having to tucking in your shirt every minute as a result of your muffin top. This can be so annoying and discomforting having to readjust yourself always. The solution to this is shirt tail garter. This keeps your shirt tucked in all day without any discomfort. It advisable you get this if you really want to look sharp all day.

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  1. Oversized Shoe

Some of us get a new shoe because they’re super nice and looks amazing but they don’t fit really well. We hope we could keep up with the shoe but unfortunately, we get so uncomfortable wearing them because they don’t fit. The only solution to this is, getting a shoe pack or sneakers inserts. A shoe pack would raise your feet a little higher in the shoe and give you the perfect fitting you needed for your shoe.

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  1. No show socks

Wearing no-show socks is actually cool when you feel like wearing a loafers’ shoe probably because you want some air on your feet. But you find out that the exposed skin often touches the shoe and it gives you skin irritation. The answer to this is antiperspirant on your feet. This would wipe off every irritation on your skin.

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  1. Tight Shoe

I believe you would have gotten a tight shoe at some point in your life, that very shoe might look so very charming. The moment you start wearing socks, you realized the shoe is really tight and it’s hurting your foot. The answer is the hairdryer. Wear that nice thick sock even if it’s hurt, turn on the hairdryer high in term of heat and start going over the surface that’s tight or hurting you for about a minutes. What happens is that the heat will soften the leather and it will start to stretch.

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