Health is wealth here at stylewithjibs, and is also the only way by which you can be fit and be well capable of presenting yourself and looking sharp. Health is very paramount to our dear customers, so we looked it up and have compiled six best ways to have and live a healthy lifestyle.

#1 sleeping well

Sleeping well is essential to your health and it contributes to you having a healthy lifestyle. The appropriate hours for sleeping recommended for adults is 7-8 hours, nothing more, and nothing less. Too much sleep is not healthy, and so is sleeping less than the appropriate hours. It is better you sleep well, and get ready for the day ahead seeing that you have had substantial rest and you are ready for the day ahead.

#2 eating well and at the right times

Eating well encompasses eating the right quantity and content of food. It entails eating what we all know as a balanced diet. Eating at the right time is also essential for keeping a healthy lifestyle. Ensuring you do not skip breakfast in the morning, eating your lunch and dinner early, especially your dinner, no matter how busy you may get, try to avoid eating dinner late.

#3 reduce sugary intake

Too much sugar (processed sugar with empty calories like in cake ice cream etc.) is not exactly good for the body, especially for young men. Excess amounts of sugar can elevate your blood fat, increasing your risk of heart disease. It may also lead to obesity, or diabetes type two and prostate cancer. Erectile dysfunction may also be experienced as a consequence of diabetes and cancer treatments which arose from the excess sugar intake.

#4 avoid or reduce smoking, and intake of alcohol and hard drugs

It is either you avoid intake of alcohol, hard drugs, or the habit of smoking, or you reduce it for it may also cause serious health effect for you and affect that healthy lifestyle we have been aiming to achieve. Alcohol may cause a toothache and not just that, affects the state of mind, smoking causes lung cancer and hard drugs are not advisable means to stay and live a healthy lifestyle.

#5 drink plenty of water

Water is no man’s enemy and is required to be taken as much as possible. In the morning, when just waking up, renowned doctors have advised you drink warm water, at least a full glass just to wash up and clear your system. Then even after eating, take warm water more, instead of cold water, for the effect of taking cold water especially after eating oily food is precarious. The body which is sixty percent water (according to H.H Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158), is in constant need of water and as such it is better to keep yourself hydrated at all times.

#6 focus less on watching TV or playing video games too often

We all know that watching TV, especially football matches, or playing video games, are pretty much best ways by which guys occupy themselves during their leisure time. But we also think there are other activities that can be embraced during leisure time by men, some include swimming, sports activities like football or tennis, playing mind games like chess, or just relaxing at the beach, rather than focusing your energy on watching TV and playing video games. This is not very healthy for your body.



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