7 Fashion Items Men should STOP Wearing

I believe most men are stylish enough to know what to wear and what not to wear. While some men are ignorant of these things, they feel too clingy to these fashion items that they don’t want to let go. There are a lot of things that are out of style but we’ve narrow it down to 7 fashion items men should stop wearing.

  1. Untucked Dress Shirt

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You might think it cool to look a little bit causal while untucking a dress shirt, there’s nothing cool about it. The reason why a dress shirt is a little bit longer is so that you can tuck them in, it is meant for formal wears not casual. The good news is; you can get a casual button-ups shirt that is intended to be worn out because they’re short.


  1. Loose Undone Tie

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In this era, I don’t expect anyone wearing a tie to do this again. If you’re guilty of this, please please just stop it. It’s not stylish or fashionable in any way again, it sucks. Gone are the days of the casual loose undone tie. if you’re wearing a tie, cinch that tie.

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  1. Stinky Jeans

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Are you that kind of guy that wears a pair of jeans for 6 months on a stretch? C’mon, give it a break and do some washing. Too much wear will cause the jeans to start whiskering and distressing.

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  1. Worn-out Belt

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It’s time to change your belt when you start experiencing holes and pealing on your belt. The belt is at the center of your outfit and it’s visible enough for people to see. It won’t cost you so much to get a new one, trust me.

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  1. Sport Jerseys

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I understand that you love your team so much and you would love to flaunt them anytime anywhere. The truth is, it’s not fashionable most times. You can wear your jersey to watch the game live, to a bar or viewing center, any other places are not really cool. just my opinion.

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  1. Bogus Luxury Watches


I understand that you want to rock that Rolex watches but rocking the fake one is not doing you any good. People who are watching conscious can easily tell that you’re wearing a fake Rolex. There’re too many amazing affordable watches out there, do yourself a favor and get one.

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  1. Too Much Cologne

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Guys too much of cologne or perfume is really offensive, it’s as bad as body odor. It is too much and you end up pissing people off with that smell.

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