Stylewithjibs is concerned about the way our youth or young men of today look and dress, and so we present seven “style advice” that would make young men out there look smart and presentable for whatever it is they want to delve into, be it seeking and getting a job, working, relaxing or going out, and because styling is not all about what you wear but also how you carry and present yourself, we would not limit ourselves to clothes or outfits.


STYLE TIP #1: having self-confidence

To be self-confident is to be secure in yourself, i.e. who you are, and your abilities. The word self-confidence may sometimes be erroneously taken to mean arrogance or overconfidence, but it simply means knowing who you are, your values and not compromising your non-negotiable values. Self-confidence, when displayed by young men, is very attractive and speaks volumes about your personality. At stylewithjibs, styling with self-confidence is important.

STYLE TIP #2: appreciating your self-image

From self-confidence comes appreciating your self-image. A young man cannot appreciate his self-image if he does not have self-confidence, and at such needs to work on that. Once a negative thought about the kind of person you are comes from you with no cogent reason or source, it then goes to show you do not appreciate who you are. This may be physical, mental, social or otherwise.

STYLE TIP #3: work on your footwear

What better way to style with your outfit than having a nice footwear? Your footwear completes your outfit, and this is why we think it is important to work on your footwear to be stylish as a young man. Footwear does not necessarily have to be shoes, in so far as they fit a particular occasion and weather if you want to put that into consideration. It is advisable to have at least two of every kind of footwear, two pairs of shoes, sandals, palms, and so on, just to increase choices and look stylish.

STYLE TIP #4: have an elegant fitted suit

Having an elegant fitted suit is part of style, you mustn’t wait for an important interview to come up, or that anticipated dinner to come, before you realize the need of getting yourself that perfect suit that fits, you never know what could happen or come up one day, that would require you wear a suit, or how the budget might even be at that time you realize you need to get the suit, especially if the need arises in short notice. Just ensure that when you want to purchase that suit, it must be elegant and fitted, also bear in mind that the wearing of suit is not just limited to dinners, weddings, job interviews, and the likes of it.

STYLE TIP #5: choose quality over quantity

At stylewithjibs, we believe it is better to have ten quality items than to have several items with poor quality. Think of the money you would require to amend or repair such items when their quality and durability fails them, or how embarrassing it would be to be identified with an item of low quality, not because you don’t have the money, but because of the illusive fact that quantity is better than quality. Please do well to note that money does not always have to be in abundance to buy quality materials and items.

STYLE TIP #6: get rid of worn out clothes

As a young man, you should know when you need a change of wardrobe. Change of wardrobe does not always have to be in an instant, although some people would prefer doing it that way, it can also be gradual starting from disposing of the worn out clothes according to the degree of how worn out they are, and replacing it with a new item with standard quality. Then with time, the wardrobe change would be in full effect. It is not styled if the clothing is worn out.

STYLE TIP #7: don’t bother about the latest fashion trend

Many of us seem to bother more about the latest fashion trend, that tends to tilt towards competing with them, than what we are doing or that which is worth doing with our various lives. This is not only a negative attitude but is highly irrelevant to having a good style. It involves spending so much and trying to keep up with the latest fashion that you forget to care and consider the inconvenience it may cause. Sometimes, knowing about the latest fashion trend is necessary, and few times the need to acquire it is present, but this should not be at the expense of oneself.









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