Most men tend to dress really nice to impress the women, but it sometimes turns out to be the opposite. While we try too hard to put on our “A” game, we end up with mistakes in our appearances (dressing). Knowing what to wear and how to wear are two different ball games and if we’re not careful enough, we end up looking like a mess while trying to impress the women.

That’s why “stylewithjibs” has created a list of style pitfalls men make and women hate. We consulted with a few women and ultimately created it so don’t take it that it’s just from us but from educated classy women.

  1. Attention Seekers

Women really really hate it when men try too hard to be noticed. They see you as a kid, not a man. When you’re trying too hard to be noticed, you’re selling yourself cheap and unattractive. They become tired of you and your appearance will have no meaning to them as it’s not coming naturally. You simply don’t need to force it.

  1. Douchebag Professional

If you’re a man with some success story in your career, and you want to show everyone that you’re a big fish, you’re blowing your chances away with women. At the end of the day, you’re a man who dresses simply to try to impress other people with his wealth.

A douchebag professional wears things to get attention. You would see it written all over him because he wears flashy things, he wears big logos or strong colors like pink. It is very visible in your appearance and it shows that you’re really trying too hard. The truth is, you sincerely don’t need it.

Classy women don’t appreciate men who are insecure and constantly need attention. Instead, they want simplicity, someone who’s confident and appreciates himself, someone who is steadfast, at ease with himself and has developed his own sense of style.

  1. The Show-Off

The moment you start unbuttoning your shirt past the second button, you’ve become a slave to seeking attention and women despise that a lot. Some men do unbutton all the way to the belly button. The question is this, who are you really trying to impress?

Some men do that maybe because of the gold jewelry they’re putting on, or it’s simply to show off their six packs or their style. Again, it’s over the top and it’s really there to gain attention.

  1. The Fashion-Obsessed

This set of people either have super short pants, super tight pants, wear a beanie with everything, or have super distressed jeans. They always have the newest things, the biggest phone, the whatever is the newest and latest. We’re totally not against having the good things of life, but you don’t need them as tools for attention.

Not all women find these cries of attention attractive because they portray you as someone who cares more about how you’re perceived than about her and that’s always a bad thing.

  1. Laziness

Women don’t fancy men with lazy wardrobe choice. No woman wants to be embarrassed by her partner especially if she pays attention to the way she looks. it just shows that you don’t care and it makes you less attractive to them.

  1. Ungroomed Nails

Working in a place where you get your hands dirty very often is not an excuse to have ungroomed nails. It would be a wise thing to invest in a nice grooming nail kit, maybe a brush and some proper soap; you can always clean up your hands afterward having nail dirt underneath your toes on your hands removed. It’s essential to groom your nails nicely because women pay attention to that aspect of you. You wouldn’t be happy if that’s the reason she has not feeling you all this while.

  1. Ungroomed Hair

As we all know, a nice and clean haircut can make the difference. It can be your haircut, can be your facial hair, let’s say your eyebrows when you have one that is super long. We can tell, one of the things that makes you probably look the least attractive and very old at the same time is looking unkempt. Having nose hair can be part of it so always make sure you look at those areas and if you see any hair, use a pair of tweezers or maybe a nose hair trimmer and make sure you’re neat.  Not having well-groomed hair is a sign of lack of respect for yourself and therefore also probably for others.













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