Despite the beauty of the fashion industry, it has its ups and downs like any industry. Looking good and dressing well is about showcasing your body in the most appealing and charming way. You don’t necessarily need to alter your body before that outfit can sit well on you. Whether you’ve pot-belly, broad-shouldered, big-bottomed, or all three at once, you can look comfortable, stylish, and sophisticated with a little know-how on your dressing. Here @stylewithjibs we’ve come up with 7 style tips for large men.

  1. Forgo Belts for Suspenders

Men with large and round stomach should go for a better alternative which is Suspenders, Belts aren’t much use to men. The shape of the stomach tapers, a circular band around it is just going to slip right of, it’s like trying to fasten a collar around the lower third of a basketball. Suspenders avoid the issue entirely and let the trouser front fall in a smooth drape instead of bunching it up at the top. A habit of wearing suspenders also helps keep the quality of your pant purchasing habits up.

  1. Wear Hat Often


To wear a hat is one of the most stylish tools that make almost anything into an “outfit.” By rocking a fashionable hat on, you’re indicating that you went to more than the minimum effort when you got dressed. That dispels the negative notion of “fat = lazy” assumptions.

  1. Buy Spread Collar Shirts

Spread collars help keep your face looking proportional, and they give you room to tie a nice big necktie knot as well. You’ll want to do that when you’re wearing a tie — a big guy with a thin tie and a tiny knot looks clownish.

  1. Keep Well-Groomed Facial Hair

A neatly-trimmed beard around the chin and jawline can really help firm up a soft-faced man’s features. You do need to be good about maintenance here — a big guy with a neat beard is going to be seen as stylish; a big guy with stubble everywhere or a curly neckbeard is going to be taken for a slob. You can’t get away with messy facial hair if you want people to take you seriously.

  1. Wear Overalls for Manual Labor

Rather than jeans and a T-shirt, which are prone to hiking up/down to expose your belly and plumber’s crack, go with a pair of overalls for any serious manual labor. It’s a classic manly style; the bib front helps smooth out the appearance of your belly, and as an added bonus they’re practical protection from spills and minor abrasions.

  1. Wear Tailored Shirts Untucked


A single flat plane of fabric over the stomach draws less attention than a waistband contrasting with a shirt. As a result, shirts that can be worn untucked tend to de-emphasize the waistline. Long-sleeved collared shirts are less likely to be worn untucked, but light sweaters can go over them to fill the same role. In strict business-dress situations there’s not much you can do — anything but a tucked-in dress shirt is too informal — but your social wardrobe should have some good round-hem options for wearing untucked.

  1. Wear Large Accessories

Proportion is very important for a big man. The bigger you are, the bigger you want your accessories to be. For example, and always keep your watch faces on the larger side

As an added bonus, people tend to think of large, thick accessories (especially watches and neckties) as “power” items, conveying the strength and presence of the wearer, which is exactly what you want to be associated with your size.

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