Stylewithjibs is a fashion/style influencer, personal stylist, personal shopper, and on-budget fashion professional in the menswear industry, with the motive to add style and elegance to men’s wear. 
It’s a known factor that figuring out what to wear is such a drag that some smart people sticks with some set of uniform each day. Steve Jobs did it, Mark Zuckerberg does it. This is caused by unavailability of time and the stress of picking what to wear, this often leads to a wardrobe malfunction, color rioting, fabric combination, shoe styling and other necessary combination that gives the outfit the perfect touch. It’s not just choosing what to wear, but knowing your own clothing inventory.
Stylewithjibs is a real gentle lifestyle brand, reaching thousands of millions of men and women every month through our social media efforts and website. We fix your wardrobe malfunction, dress you up for events (wedding, birthday, interview etc). We also cover topics including men’s style, men’s grooming and men’s lifestyle and living.
The founder is Jibola Jegede, an economist, a model and business owner.