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Jeffrey Caesar Chukwuma is an Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, the Nigerian lawyer who has become the Internet’s sensation due to much attention he receives from ladies. He based in Broward County in Florida.

Chukwuma was admitted into the Florida Bar in November 2016 and likely works at the 17th Judicial Circuit Court with State Attorney Michael in Broward County. Remember the trended #LawyerBae sometimes ago who sent the internet into a loud roar. On one hand, many women are ready to risk it all for a chance with the well-groomed lawyer. They can’t handle him being this fine and having lawyer credentials at the same time.

Chukwuma has I47k followers on Instagram and 56.2k followers on Twitter, more than 79,000 people retweeted his viral Twitter photo with the caption “Walking into the courtroom.”

Caesar is not only a handsome man; he has a great sense of style in which many people admire him for. He’s an embodiment of style and it’s written all over his body language. he once quoted “Style is primarily a matter of instinct“ and truly he has that instinct which often reflects on his image. He’s indeed a fashion icon in the making.

Here @stylewithjibs, Caesar Chukwuma has merited our Celebrity Style of the Week spot.

Why is Caesar our CSOTW?


Almost everything looks good on him, he understands the importance of dressing good and he dresses awesomely well without overdoing it. His style matches his ambition.



He’s indeed a classy man from the top to the bottom. His bespoke wears and fitted shoe brings a different type of elegance to him. He’s an example of a perfect gentleman.



The way you carry yourself matters a lot, Caeser carry himself like the boss, So confident and charming. One can see that through his images and a few of his online videos. To be fashionable, the charisma must be there and Caeser definitely has it.



Caeser is the definition of beauty with brain. Asides being a fashionista and a dapper dresser, he’s a lawyer. This shows that you can slay and still have a good career path. To be a lawyer requires a level of brilliance and intelligence, it’s safe to say he has them both.


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