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Denola Adepetun is a renowned fashion blogger, he’s popularly known as Denola Grey. He was about 18 when he stepped into the fashion world and since then he has never looked back. His great enthusiast for fashion and style set him apart in the fashion industry. He’s not only a fashionista but also, a media personality mainly focused on men’s fashion and lifestyle.

Denola Grey graduated from Baylor University, where he graduated with a bachelor degree in Media Business. He was also a part of African Students Association in the Baylor University, he went further to work in fashion PR in New York City briefly. He Acknowledged his uncle as a major source of his style inspiration and reference him as his mentor.

Denola’s blog speaks a lot about his style and fashion sense, his blog is a clear and informative source about the man himself. His outlook is very crucial and he’s not afraid taking a risk with his fashion statement. He dresses to kill every now and then and he’s not ready to quite nor slow down. He always comes up with a different style because of his experimental nature, no boundaries to what he does with his appearance.

Denola was chosen as one of the ten dressed men in Nigeria by L’uomo Vogue in the” Nigerian Extra-Vaganza “and he pays great attention to detail from his bow tie to his shoes. We admire his style sense and he’s worthy to be our Celebrity Style of The Week @stylewithjibs.

Why Denola Grey is our CSOTW?


Despite being a handsome man, the fashion blogger and Tv presenter does Fashion like he was born to do it. His fashion sense is a mystery, almost anything fits him perfectly well. It’s safe to say he never goes wrong in the eyes of many.


Denola is very detailed with his outfit, everything he puts on speaks volume of what his ideal fashion stands for. From his tie down to his shoe are perfectly combined, he’s really vast in the men’s fashion industry and that’s a plus for him.



Being experimental means taking a risk. He’s never afraid to try out new things or new fashion statement. He combines the modern and tradition wears so perfectly well. Either he’s on African print, casual or formal wears, Denola always comes out beautiful and appealing.



Denola is indeed stylish. His body language, his posture, and swag make whatever he puts on comes out great. He makes a simple outfit so stylish that you will consider being a fashionista just like him. His carriage can never be ignored and that’s why we love his style sense.


We hope you enjoyed reading Denola Grey style sense. Would you like to be stylish like him, do contact us via email at stylewithjibs@gmail.com or call us on +2347060526532

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