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Folarin Falana, the son of a renowned lawyer and activist Femi Falana was born on the 27th of October, 1990 in Lagos State. Popularly known as Falz the bahd guy, Folarin, also a law graduate, is a rapper, actor, and songwriter. His music career which began officially in the year 2009 after his song “Marry Me”, where he featured the voices of Poe and Yemi Alade, shot through limelight. He has over the years, been able to bag so many awards for his music. We must have also seen Folarin on our TV screens in the popular comedy series “Jennifer’s diaries”. Falz the bahd guy is a multi-talented individual who is loved by all. not only is he known for his music and acting, but his funny comedy skits on Instagram and other social media. He currently owns an independent record label called Bahd Guys Record. His awesome personality, multi-talent, and of course, good looks and exquisite fashion sense are the reasons why Folarin Falana aka Falz the bahd guy is our CSOTW for the week.


Why Falz is our CSOTW


Falz, as an addition to his multi-talents, is naturally a creative person. This is apparent in his music, his drama, and of course, his fashion sense. His style is creative and is part of what makes him stand out when he is not looking simple.





Folarin is a very simple and casual dresser. He makes the art of simplicity attractive and stunning. Anyone can imitate his style of dressing easily and look very good, just as he looks very good in his simple, and neat outfits.


Accessories are important in fashion, and the art to balance your accessories with what you are putting on is just what Folarin knows how to do. His wristwatch, glasses, and chain are his major and common accessories which he combines with his outfit to look good.


When the word suits or formal wears come to mind, Falz the bahd guy might not pop into your heads or rank amongst the first few, but when you see him suiting up, and how dashing he looks, you might just want to reconsider. Let’s just say Falz the bahd guy suiting up, would make you want to suit up also.


We hope you love CSOTW and learn from his style sense. If you want a celebrity look, click here to contact us. Thanks

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