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Inetimi Alfred Odon (born 15 August 1980), better known by his stage name Timaya, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He is the founder of South-South hip hop group Dem Mama Soldiers. His solo career began in 2005 with the release of “Dem Mama”, which also appeared on his debut album, True Story released the following year. His second album Gift and Grace was released in 2008.

Timaya gained further visibility and international prominence through his third studio album De Rebirth—released in partnership with Black Body Entertainment—and its lead single “Plantain Boy”. Both were commercially successful. He collaborated with Dem Mama Soldiers on the album LLNP (Long Life N Prosperity). In 2012, Timaya released Upgrade, which spawned hits “Bum Bum”, “Sexy Ladies”, and “Malonogede”. To date, his work has earned him four Headies Awards, and one Nigeria Music Award.


The Singer has been on our fashion radar for a while now and trusts us to do all the necessary background check and reporting.

It’s a known fact that he cherished shoes, he rocks them so nicely with any outfit of his choice. His eye-catching choice for accessories can’t be neglected, his bag, necklace, and sunshade brings out the beauty of his style. His appeal to fashion is unstoppable and he continues to give us wow factor every day.

Timaya is the embodiment of style because of his carriage, whether he’s rocking the traditional print or modern inspired style, he’s undeniably noticed whenever he steps out on the red carpet.

For every man who is just as risky, confident and stylish as Timaya, they need to be acknowledged, that’s why Timaya is our Celebrity Style of the Week @stylewithjibs.

Why we love Timaya?

  1. Hat King

Timaya is known for this love for Hat and he’s never shy to rock them on any outfit, either on African print or the western style. He sure knows when and how to rock them and that makes it his style signature.


  1. Shoe Lover

His love for shoes makes him stand out, hardly will you notice substandard shoe on him. He likes loafers shoes a lot and he complements them so well on either short or long trousers. We applaud him for his preference for shoe because that’s the first thing people noticed on you.


  1. Casual style

Timaya just loves his outfit simple and elegant, although he can be flashy at times. He’s mostly in a casual outfit and we can categorically say, he’s really not the formal outfit kind of person but sometimes wears them. He keeps it stylish any day and anytime.

  1. Carriage

He sure knows how to carry himself in whatever his putting on, it’s not about having the abs, packs, muscles that’s makes cloths looks really nice on you, it about how stylish you are. With his body type, Timaya makes good use of perfectly.




We hope you love our CSOTW, thank you for reading.

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