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CELEBRITY STYLE OF THE WEEK: Jidenna Theodora Mobisson

Our celebrity style of the week is Jidenna Theodora Mobisson.  He is a Nigerian-American Rapper, Singer, record producer, and Songwriter. Better known by his stage name Jidenna, the artist was born May 4, 1985, in Wisconsin, USA. He has been active since 2012 till present. His Debut album, The Chief was released on February 17, 2017.

The singer is said to have developed his personal style in college where he learned about the power of fashion from his psychology professor. Jidenna describes his look as being inspired by the Harlem Renaissance with hints of traditional West African design and a marriage of European and African aesthetics.

As a fashion fancy, he’s got the attribute of an impressionable young man. He is so innovative and dynamic when it comes to fashion and personal style. His fashion signature speaks simplicity and he creates his own style as inspired by his Nigerian culture.

Above all, his confidence, body language and his being super fit makes him look so great. He disclosed once in an interview that he doesn’t wear brands but he has an in-house tailor with whom he designs together.

At “stylewithjibs”, here is why we present Jidenna as being innovative and noble when it comes to wears.

  1. Jidenna’s thirst for Ankara prints

Jidenna has so much embraced his African roots by his love for traditional outfits most especially Ankara prints. They look so admirable and attractive on him as he demonstrates through his looks how flexile Ankara prints can be. He wears them in blazers, combines them with the traditional Igbo red cap and waistcoat. With stylish and elegant details and embroidery, he captures the Nigerian fans.


  1. Jidenna’s Dandy Fashion

This guy can be said to be in a class of his own when it comes to fashion. His dress sense is so sharp, independent and classy. Although he embraces more of West African prints and design, he blends them so well with the western design that you can’t help but admire and love.


  1. Jidenna’s suits

Jidenna also has a unique affection for suits. He has proven time and again that he’s never afraid to wear colors especially the bright ones like yellow, blue and the likes. Think of any color, this guy has worn them and can rock them any day any time. They’re tailor-made and specially designed to his taste thereby portraying him as a classic man.


  1. Jidenna as a Classic man

You just cannot ignore Jidenna style, his first hit song “Classic Man” revealed him as a stylish man with a classic taste. Any young man looking to emulate this Rapper doesn’t need to look too hard. From his shoes to his walking cane, his hat and other fashion accessories, Jidenna makes a statement. He is a fashion rebel that captures people’s attention. He doesn’t cave into popular culture and trends but rather stands out and stands well too.


  1. Jidenna is a perfect gentleman

As a gentleman, this guy not only stays sharp, he acts with manners. He appears as a knight in shining armor for the ladies and he knows how to mind his business.




Hope you love our celebrity style of the week. Happy Valentine

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