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Omoniyi Makun also known as Yomi Casual, was born January 25, 1985, in Lagos, Nigeria. He’s the last born of the seven children and younger brother to popular Comedian, Ayo Makun also known as AY and has his origins traced back to Ifon, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Yomi Casual is a graduate of Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State where he studied and perfected the craft of Fashion designing and Technology of Clothing. This set him aside in the industry as one of finest and creative designer in Nigeria and Africa. With diverse clientele base such as Alex Ekubo, Uti, Desmond Elliot, Seyi Law, Alibaba, AY, 9ice and many popular names added to his client base.

The CEO has carved out a niche for himself as one of Africa’s biggest Inspired Ready to Wear Fashion Label. He has become a household brand in Nigeria’s Fashion Industry and his brand is here to stay due to his great impact. He is one person whose works is constantly looked out for by Nigerian men.

Yomi Casual is not only a fashion designer by profession, he’s also fashionable by nature. He demonstrates that through his style image and his dress sense. He has that body that fits well into any outfit. He keeps it simple but yet classy, being a fashion designer has helped him a lot in knowing what to wear and how to wear them. He understands the art of looking good and presentable at all time.

He has captured our heart for his immense contributions to men’s clothing and that’s why he’s our Celebrity Style of the Week @Stylewithjibs


Why Yomi Casual is our CSOTW?

  1. Showcasing Africa

The concept behind what Yomi Casual actually does with his fashion works is one aimed towards portraying the African tradition and culture. He’s really doing that perfectly with different designs and style which is widely appreciated by the western world.

  1. Dresses Sense

He couldn’t have fallen short of this, he’s a fashion designer and yes he dresses really nice. Either on African print, casual or formal, he always looks his best

  1. Celebrity Stylist

Yomi Casual, so happens to have become one of the favorite designers to a majority of celebrities and entertainers in Nigeria today as well as Africa as a continent without limitations, bounded by his determination and passion for fashionable style designs.


  1. Hardworking

Yomi casual is actually hard working, getting to where he is today isn’t child’s play. He has stayed dedicated and consistent over the years. And we can tell, he’s getting better and giving new style every day.


We hope you enjoyed reading our Celebrity Style of the Week. Thank you

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