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Alexx Ekubo (born Alex Ekubo-Okwaraeke; 10 April 1986) is a Nigerian actor and model. He was the first runner-up at the 2010 Mr. Nigeria contest. He won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role award at 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards for his role in the Weekend Getaway

Ekubo is a native of Arochukwu, Abia State. He attended the Federal Government College Daura, Katsina State. He studied Law at the University of Calabar and later got a diploma in Mass Communication from Calabar Polytechnic. His film debut was a minor role in Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen’s Sinners in the House (2005); his first major role was in Ladies Men several years later

The talented Actor is greatly appreciated for his unique sense of style. Almost everything looks good on Alexx, whether he is rocking a monochrome tuxedo, a pair of joggers or pulling off his signature all-black ensemble, he’s always giving us the true definition of what a stylish man should look like.

He’s the kind of stylist that can turn a simple outfit dapper. And that’s why Alexx is our Celebrity Style of the Week @stylewithjibs.


Why we love Alexx?

1.       Tuxedos:

Alex slays the tuxedo game by far! He loves his tuxedos and he is never afraid to express his fashion personality through them. He’s in tune with the different style of tuxedo and he rocks them perfectly well. He has his ways around formal outfits, he’s rarely wrong with a simple striped shirt tucked into a pair of trousers topped with a nice belt and a pair of moccasins or loafers.


2.       Stylish black outfits.

Left to Alex, he will stop wearing black when a darker color is created! He has the flare to turn black to a great style piece which is aided by how his complexion synergizes well with black outfits. we love his style regardless of his preference for black.


3.       African print.

Alexx is a firm believer in African prints; Which is fueled by his love for black heritage and culture. Who says a man can’t rock prints and be dapper at the same time?


4.       Breaking new grounds.


Alex partnered with Nigerian top fashion designer, Yomi Casual for one of his collection. In this partnership you would see the Alex you’ve never seen before, you would see the man filled with so much fashion taste. His fashion experience speaks a lot without him having to speak, with the actor who is known for his sartorial choice to develop designs that are very simple, comfortable, refined, timeless and imperial. He is well known for his panache and has also featured in a lot of lookbooks.


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