Meeting someone new comes with questions in our mind, we would want to figure out their personality. Is she humble? Is she nice? Is she sincere? and etc. we wrestle with this questions because we want to be sure of who we’re letting into our lives. They might come in form of a friend, colleague, and etc. if you master the act of assessing people’s character, you’re one step closer to being at ease with meeting new people. For you to be a better judge of personality, you should look out for traits and actions of someone you’re just meeting. So here are five tips to achieve that.

  1. check the communication pattern

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Meeting someone new requires communication, this would give you a hint about who they are. So for you to deduce through their communication pattern, check out her mode of talking, is she the loudest person in your gathering? is she a good listener or it’s just all about her? Is she bossy? This is what you should look out for and determine if such personality fits in your personality.

  1. look closely to the body language

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Body language is a very powerful tool to judge a person’s personality. We had body language before we had speech and 83% of what you understand in a conservation is read through the body. So check if she’s avoiding eye contact, it shows shyness or insecurity. How she greeted you matters as well, did she give a firm handshake or a warm hug? This gesture shows if she’s interested in you or not.

  1. Observe other people’s reaction

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Observe the gesture shown to the person you’re assessing through people around you. The way they react towards her would give you some hints about her personality. when she stepped into the room, does everyone went quiet? Or rather the room became lively and fun. The energy the person dissipate matters a lot and it needs to be closely observed.

  1. Can you trust the person?

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The most expensive thing to build is trust, it can take years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose. This is not exceptional for any relationship, be it friendship or marital relationship. When you’re assessing her character, take an extra step to see if you can trust her. Just dig a little deeper into her past records and see if she’s worth it.

  1. Handle someone who’s not nice

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Not everyone will be nice to you, you will meet some with ugly character while you meet some with good character. It’s left to you to handle them the best way possible. When you can better cope with this set of people, you would be more comfortable interacting with them. You can control your reaction, so don’t pay evil for evil.

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