How to Be the Coolest Guy always

It’s an honor to discuss this topic today, so we would be talking about some personalities and features that was compiled from around us that we think are cool and we can all benefit from.

  1. Avoid being boring

Being sincere to ourselves is one of the most difficult things to do, we should admit when we’re boring someone who has a short attention span. If the conversation is not flowing, we would recommend a tip that’s very vital, ask yourself this question, “Is the other person asking any questions about what you’re saying?”, if they’re not, it’s probably time to switch the subject or even ask them a question to keep things going because being sucks.

  1. Your appearance

To portray yourself as the cool guy, your outward appearance is very crucial to the overall cool package. The way you carry yourself, what you say, what you wear, and your charisma has to be in total synergy.

If you observe a cool guy, you would think they got ready within 5 minutes and it takes an average guy 20 minutes or more to look good. The simple tip is to stay away from loud colors and you’re good to go.

  1. Covert

You should remain slightly covert; all you need is self-control. Have you stumbled upon those guys or girls that basically reveals anything and everything to you as if you guys were best friends since childhood, you should avoid doing that if you want to be perceived as a cool guy.

Give people the opportunity to second-guess you and see what you’re all about. That actually makes cool people, cool.

  1. Carefree factor

Majority of us takes life too serious if only you can be carefree and let “everything just brushes off your shoulder”, you’re one step closer to being a cooler individual. So if something amazing happens, they won’t get overly excited and all bubbly and if something bad happens they don’t become an emotional wreck. A cool person tries to remain level and indifferent in all situations.

  1. Charisma


We sometimes get caught in the middle of what to say or get frightened of not knowing what to say next, that mostly get us worried but the truth is we mostly forget the other part of charisma which is our mannerism. Your body language counts when you speak and the depth of passion you put into it goes a long way. It is no surprise that cool people can combine both really well and they’re able to keep a well meaningful and stable conversation going, they’ve got that charm to keep you locked down and get you interested throughout their conversation.

In case of next time, remember that your body language and gesture convey your message across because they speak louder than voice.


Thank you for reading, drop your comment and let’s know what you think.




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