How To Look Better Based On Your Body Type

You guys know how much I try to make sure you guys look as good as possible, it’s my job. I want my followers to look better than all the other guys out there. Your face isn’t the only thing that makes you look good, your body does as well. Many guys overlook their body, but you shouldn’t. Everyone has different bodies, so here is how you can look better based on your specific body shape!

  1. Make Sure Your Shirt Collar Fits Your Face Shape

This one is definitely important, especially when you’re going to be dressing up. For example, if you have more of a rounded face, you’re going to want to wear a pointed, narrow cut collar. On the opposite spectrum, if you have more of an oval or angular face, you’re going to want to wear a collar that is more spread out. The pointed, narrow collar will make a person with an oval face look a lot more defined in the jaw. The wide cut collar will give a person with an oval or angular shaped face a balanced look. These are simple tricks to keep in mind when shopping for collared shirts.

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  1. Buy Clothing That Fits Your Body Shape

here are three types of body shapes in guys: the upside-down triangle, the rectangular, and the oval. All of these body types have specific guidelines to follow when wearing clothes. If you have the muscular, upside down triangle, then you’re a lucky one. Almost everything you put on will look good if it fits correctly. If you have the rectangular body you’re going to have to wear clothes that add structure, clothes that broaden your shoulders and make your waist thinner looking. Some examples are suit jackets and biker jackets. The circular body shaped male needs to wear vertical stripes, this will cause your body to look longer.

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  1. Focus On Your Neck

you need to make sure your neckline compliments your neck. This is an area most guys tend to overlook when buying clothes. For example, I have a very long and narrow neck, so when a shirt has too much of an opening, it makes me look like I have a giraffe neck. If you’re in the same boat as me, wear shirts with narrower neck cuts. If you have a shorter, stubbier neck, stick to wearing shirts with bigger openings. This will give you the illusion of a longer, more defined neck.

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  1. Wear The Right Shoes For Your Leg

If you know you have short legs, you’re going to want to avoid wearing high-tops or any shoe that’s going to sit high on the leg. Instead, you’re going to want to wear low cut shoes that will give you the illusion of being taller than what you really are. For the tall gents out there, you can pretty much pull of both, but if you have thicker legs/ankles shortcut shoes will also be the way to go. As for the shoe weight, if you’re an average or thick guy then bulky shoes will look good. If you are thin, then thin shoes such as converse will look the best. Overall, you just want to wear the proper shoes to your specific body type.

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