Observation is key, culture is shared and it evolves over time. That’s why as a fashion stylist the need to adopt other people’s culture is key. An argument is always put forward that Nigerian’s looks up to western fashion trend thereby neglecting our indigenous fashion style. While many people may have their opinion on the issue of over dependency on western trend, we would like to denounce that opinion.

We are in the 21st century. A globalized age, with the advent of technology which is playing a major role in the fashion industry now. You can’t help it but adopt other people’s culture if you’re thinking globally and you want to compete on the global level with top players in the fashion industry, you can’t afford to remain a local champion.

Often hear things like, Nigerian women are not proud rocking the traditional IRO and BUBA neither do men feel comfortable rocking AGBADA and FILA. Rather we sew it in more conventional or stylish way, whereas that’s the beauty, we can’t keep rocking our traditional print like we used to in the 90’s. if you have been to an Owanbe party (wedding) lately you would understand and appreciate the influence of western culture on our traditional print the more, also you will be amazed how a lot of people wants to get the traditional print in their wardrobe.

Sewing our traditional print like the western world has nothing do with losing our cultural identity, losing our morals or values. It simply means we are open, we are evolving, we are forward thinking people not closed minded people.

We are not an advocate of rocking your traditional print almost unclad all in the name of adopting western culture. Adopting western culture in this context simply means the style, trend, and design in looking beautiful as you desired.

Like we said earlier, culture is shared and it dynamic. As we adopt the western culture in our style of dressing, also they embrace African style of dressing. That’s why popular celebrities like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Fergie and much more are rocking African print. A popular singer turned designer Gwen Stefani presented and showcased a collection that featured mainly Ankara Fabric. A few years ago, African print was the theme of most runways, they call it “tribal print”. we call it Ankara because that’s the name our mother, grandmother and African people call it. The influence of western culture on our African print is a YES for us at Stylewithjibs’ and here’s why we think so.

  1. It brings life back to our African print. I remember while growing up I dislike Ankara because the sewing is always big and boring wearing it but now, with the introduction of different styles and designs trending lately I had to get one myself
  2. It gives Africa/Nigeria the opportunity to showcase its beautiful traditional print to the outside world
  3. It encourages a lot of people to get their hands on African print and rock it the best way they can
  4. It gives us the ability to compete on global level in the fashion industry
  5. It makes Africans abroad proud of their heritage rocking African print

We hope you see the positivity of western culture in our African print. Not all western culture brings negativity to our style of dressing, we choose to focus on the on the positive influence because the influence is vice versa. So go out there, rock your African print and style it the best way you can.

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