As we all know, the Harmattan/dry season is fast approaching and while we tend to worry about dry skin, cracked lips or sore throats, let us not also neglect our sense of fashion. Irrespective of any weather, stylewithjibs is here to put you through, and considering the season, we would love to share with you 5 DON’TS for this season. We have put together 5 things you shouldn’t be wearing this season. Putting into consideration good health, good looks, and comfort. Who says you can’t look good always? *winks*

NO 1’s DONT IS; Don’t skip the shades.

Sunglasses are a great fashion accessory, their most important job being to protect your eyes from the sun and dusty wind where there is any. The Harmattan is a dry season, one may experience dusty wind, and the hot sun may contribute to the discomfort. Did you know that one of the effects of the sun on your eyes includes; cataracts (a clothing of the eyes lens that blurs vision). so remember as you step out from your various homes, don’t hesitate to pick up that sunglasses that will make you look good and sophisticated.

NO 2’s DON’T IS; Don’t wear wool clothing.

The harmattan season is known more for its dry and sunny weather especially during the day, than the cold weather that may most likely come up at night. Now you would definitely not want to be caught up in the dry season wearing a thick wool material. You will most likely get all sweaty and feel very uncomfortable and drenched in your own clothes with your sweat. It is better to just grab something light like a vintage top, or a light cotton shirt, and hold your face towel always.

NO 3’s DON’T IS; Don’t put on half covered footwear.

Trekking in this harmattan period with sandals or palms or any other half covered footwear tends to leave your legs dusty and untidy. It won’t be proper to look neat and compact from head to toe with dusty feet, or even white dry feet from the dryness (this applies both to men who trek and don’t trek often). Complete that compact look by wearing that complete covered shoe that looks shiny and clean from the polishing and cleaning. And don’t forget your light material socks to keep if necessary your feet warm, smooth and protected from the harsh weather. There are varieties of fully covered shoes like loafers, sneakers, converse, brooks and so on.

NO 4’s DON’T IS; Don’t wear suit, coat or jacket, and sleeveless shirts frequently.

The harmattan weather, as usual, is likely to bring heat during the day so why add the heat to your dressing by putting on a jacket, coat or even a suit jacket. There are many other ways you can look classy and fashionable without putting on any of these things. At the same time, the dry weather may be too harsh for your skin, so putting on a sleeveless shirt is also likely to cause discomfort.

NO 5’s DON’T IS; 

Capri pants are otherwise known as trousers that are longer than shorts but do not reach the ankle, in other words, three-quarter pants/trousers. This kind of pants may be in vogue now, but considering the harmattan weather, might not exactly healthy for your skin. The same goes for shorts. Try to minimize the rate at which it is worn, and go for long trousers instead to protect your legs.

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