Fashion, they say, runs in circles. It is thus safe to assume that the future of fashion is now. Wondering what 2020 has to say about the fashion industry? We at Stylewithjibs have been able to compile some fashion tips we believe would be all trendy all through the year. So, here are men’s fashion predictions for 2020.

Arty Graphics

fashion and expression have often been used side by side. In the year 2020, we think the expression is going to have a new voice in the form of arty graphics. Arty graphics on your denim jacket, your plaid shirts, and probably your accessories.

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Native Materials

Native wears shook the world of fashion last year, and it is not about to end this year. Many more designs are coming up with native materials. Blazers, shoes, bags, tops, and of course, native wears. The native material would no know bounds.


The ultra-short shorts have been making wave towards last year ending and is about to come out with a full blast this year. The skimmers got featured on runway shows of late and we saw its uniqueness been displayed. It can be worn on a nice colorful vintage shirt and hat or a very nice polo shirt which is a better way to complement the shorts. Invest in some now and thank us later.

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Hiking sandals

You would agree with us that you weren’t expecting a sandal to feature on our 2020 fashion predictions. The Hiking Sandals has got people talking due to its design and simplicity, it can be worn on almost any casual outfit or a native/traditional outfit. The most desirable came in the form of souped-up tech walking sandals and it’s uniquely stylish.

Light-Wash Denim

The Denim wears has been in existence over 3 decades ago and it has resurfaced again in 2020 as part of the fashion trend to look out for. Most people’s preference is the darker wash denim, switching up shades in favor of lighter washes is officially the move in the New Year. In recent time, searches for “light washed denim” are up 70 percent; meaning more people are now opting for light washed denim due to its versatility.

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Vintage Watches

Looking for a stylish timepiece for 2020, with the vintage watches you can never go wrong. Regardless of gender, they’re making a strong comeback this year. According to Pinterest, the “vintage watches” got up to 98 percent on their search engine. From Omega to Rolex, these timepieces serve as conversation starters, statement-making accessories and, you know, ways to tell time.

Cropped Trousers

Its high time men should moderately reveal some skin (ankles, guys, ankles). A cropped trousers is a stylish piece, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off a cool pair of socks or a fancy pair of sneakers.

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Mismatched Prints

Fashion is dynamic, it evolves over time. There’s no exception to the men’s fashion sphere either. Guy’s generally tend to try out new things, they ease into the trend by starting with one bold print; then they combine that print with another. This bold move is seen as a potential trend for 2020 and it’s definitely going to make a wave. When you try mismatched prints, people get wowed with your creative mind and you’re going to be perceived as a stylish man.

So fellas, start looking out for these trends and shop with us for any of your stylish wears. Don’t forget to contact us when you need wardrobe assistance, and we would indeed appreciate your referrals. We remain your humble stylists, contact us now

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