Paying attention?? to your footwear is as important as brushing your teeth before going out. It is the essential part of your outfit that gets people’s attention, as it carries not only your weight all day but also, your overall person, your image, your style.

There’s more to shoe than meet the eyes, you can’t afford to step out in dirty shoes or wear a pair of shoe every day. Your footwear can sometimes determine if a girl fancy you or not, footwear is a call to response.
Your footwear adds value to your outfit, your shirt or jean might not cost much but your footwear brings out the beauty in your outfit. Have you given it a thought before, that when you wear a casual outfit, you feel ordinary even basic but immediately you put on a good pair of shoes, it gives you a different look entirely? That’s the power of rocking a decent pair of shoes.
Picture yourself going for an interview, the interviewer compliments your shoe before the interview commence. That’s a boost for you and that alone, instill confidence in you. Do you notice, when put on your best shoe, you feel fly and you want people to notice you. Also, picture yourself going out for a social function (birthday, wedding, anniversary etc.), and someone walks up and compliment you, asking where he or she can get a nice pair of shoe just like yours. I’m sure that feeling alone is even to make your day.

Like I said earlier, paying cognizance to your shoe is key. Some of us are comfortable wearing a single shoe all around the year, without adding a new pair. Adding a new pair of shoe every six or seven months is important because it helps you rotate your shoe nicely. Also, your shoe becomes obsolete. That alone is a sign you need to work on your footwear game and get a beautiful pair as well. Here is why we think paying cognizance to your footwear is important @stylewithjibs

1. The right shoe/footwear makes all the difference.
A good pair of shoe compliments your outfit nicely, while the wrong shoe can destroy your outfit.

2. It helps you avoid inappropriate shoe for any occasion.
Imagine, a man wearing a sports footwear on Agbada during a naming ceremony party. You should know the kind of shoe/footwear that goes with your outfit for any occasion.

3. It boosts your morale’s and confidence.
Wearing a good pair of shoe/footwear can guarantee you that at least 3 people will compliment you, and more than 5 people would have admired you even without being told. I know majority of us like being complimented, this kind of feeling instill confidence in us and the way we walk.

4. It prevents your feet from hurting.
If you have a tight pair or ill-fitting pair of shoes, it feels quite different than a tight-fitting shirt, jacket or even pants. You can cause some serious harm to yourself over time with tight shoes. This can cause repetitive stress on the foot as well and we both know that is certainly not comfortable

5. It helps you maintain your shoe properly
Your shoe becomes obsolete after a while; this can be as a result of lack of maintenance. If you don’t clean it often, polish it or dry your shoe in the sun to get rid of bad smell. It affects the longevity of the shoe; it pollutes the environment you find yourself in. So pay cognizant to shoe maintenance.

We challenge you @stylewithjibs to do an exercise. If you own a pair of shoe, Endeavor to work on your shoe game by adding a new pair of shoe, except you’re not a fashion person. If you own different pairs shoes, separate all your shoes into three groups. Group A; comfortable shoes that you could walk all day in. Group B, would be shoes that you’d only wear if you didn’t have to walk all day in. Finally, group C; shoes that you could literally run a marathon in if you had to. If you should take up this challenge, you’re on your way to enjoying a new life with your shoe/footwear game.

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