At stylewithjibs’, we believe that looking good is not limited to dressing alone. You could look good, nicely dressed and ready to go for the day, but may still be considered highly unattractive to the ladies, and a mess to your fellow companions and colleagues. A bad habit or attitude could throw all that well-polished shoes and perfectly ironed outfit into the trash. A wise man once said, it is what comes from within that makes you attractive, and we definitely agree with this, so let us not focus on one side of the package of looking good. This is why we present to you; six habits that would make you look unattractive.


  • The first unattractive habit is: Always being negative

Negativity is definitely not attractive, and not even healthy for one who displays such attitude, and one who is constantly around an individual who is negative. Positivity is a very attractive feature and according to the law of attraction, you attract to yourself what you give out to the world. Even though you are surrounded with positive people with awesome personalities, just because you choose to be negative, you may just never see the silver lining in the cloud. Either you wonder why they are being so “unrealistic” or their positivity irritates you and gives you a negative vibe. Constant negativity could even lead to depression.

  • Scratching your private region in public

Scratching your balls? In public? This tells the people around you that you have a poor hygiene that can’t help, but just make you itch your balls to begin with, talk less of in public. Although at times, heat may sometimes cause that area of our body to itch, but how about getting nice cotton boxers to soak up the sweat. Imagine the opposite sex nabbing you scratch that area of your body even if you try to do it secretly, it doesn’t in any way confer a good image on yourself and all the efforts it took you to look exquisite that day would be gone in their eyes. Especially if it is that lady you have been toasting for quite a while *winks*

  • Biting your nails

This is a very nasty habit that one has to take important note of and ensure it is brought to an end. Whatever reason you may think of for biting your nails, whether habit, nervousness or to trim your nails, it can and should be stopped. Biting of nails shows no or low confidence and makes you highly unattractive. It puts people off and it is not hygienic for you as an individual for who knows the amount of dirt and germs your nails would be harboring, then you put in your mouth. Take note to stop this habit please

  • Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is very essential for us. We need that rest after the work of the day, or the work at night if you work night shifts. Ensure you get or at least try to get that optimum amount of sleep which is eight hours. You wouldn’t want to be caught sleeping at work, moreover not getting enough sleep could make you grouchy and look stressed and tired.

  • Boasting

Pride goes before a fall. At stylewithjibs’, whether you fall or not, we take pride to be a very nasty habit. Pride could be read in different context like dignity and the likes, but in this context, pride is when you brag and boast of achievements or qualities you manage to own, and work for. In other words, being vain. No one wants to be stuck with a man who can’t keep his mouth shut without mentioning many or few of his qualities and achievements. They might not tell you, but it is very irritating and goes to show you can’t hold a reasonable conversation without being vain. What happens when you fall?

  • Always seeking for attention or people’s approval

When seeking for people’s approval or attention is excessive, it becomes highly unattractive. It would feel like you are that chewing gum that stuck to one’s shoe when stepped on. No one really likes to associate with people who act like they know all, or dress loudly, make unnecessary noises, and give lousy comments just to get attention. There are other ways by which this habit can be expressed of course. Stylewithjibs’ is not saying you shouldn’t express yourself, but try to do so in a way that would not be injurious on others because we are living in a society, and it’s not possible that your choices and actions wouldn’t affect at least one person, whether you know it or not.

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