Valentine’s day is not a new phenomenon, both the young and old have a soft spot for the day. While we try to emphasize that love should be shown to everyone around us every day, we cannot deny the fact that friends, spouses, co-workers and even mere acquaintances take extra care to show love on February 14th.

According to Gary Chapman, “receiving gifts” is one of the five cardinal love languages. Gifts reveal that the giver knows the taste and preferences of the partner and wants to make him/her feel special and happy. That’s why here @stylewithjibs we’re presenting you with some 10 quality gifts suggestions perfect for the love season.

While there are countless numbers of gifts items a man can present to a woman, it’s essential to know your woman’s preferences through her personality. This is because while some women like surprises and want to try new things, some others are conservative and as such might not appreciate or see the value in their man’s genuine gesture of love.

However, irrespective of taste, age, and expectations, a man can never go wrong with the following gift items.

  1. Flower

Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to have your woman wake up to some bunch of sweet-scented flowers? It sure would make her heart glad for the rest of the day.

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  1. Chocolates

Chocolates bring a sweet tingling feeling as one savors the taste in the mouth. I’m sure there’s no woman that will turn you down.

  1. Body care/ beauty products

Every woman likes to be pampered and to be made to pamper herself especially when it comes to looks. Bubble bath, soaps, scented lotions, and moisturizers or perhaps a few makeup items like a sweet red lipstick, Mascara, or eyeliner. This shows her man knows she deserves to pamper herself.


  1. Jewelry

Your woman will definitely cherish a piece of jewelry like a charm bracelet, a heart-shaped pendant necklace, a simple gold ring.

  1. Teddy bear

Let your woman snuggle up to a soft teddy bear that has your perfume sprayed on it. That way, you’re always in her thought and dreams.


  1. Perfume

You should surprise your sweetheart with a sweet fragrance this season. It doesn’t have to be her usual perfume. Just something chic and sweet would do a lot to brighten her mood all day long.

  1. Cakes

Women love cakes, just show up with some heart shaped cupcakes and she will smile.

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  1. Books

To show that you’re not just about beauty and fun alone, get your woman some novel depending on her taste, be it a romantic novel, sci-fi, and the rest. It could even be a beauty or a fashion magazine. Let her know you appreciate her brains too.

  1. A sweet love note.

While they say actions speak louder than words, tucking a love note by her dresser, in her purse or under her pillow is a pure act of love with words. Whether a short or long letter, letting her know how she brightens up your world is just a perfect romantic move.

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  1. A timeout

It could be at any time of the day, but most preferably in the evening after the day’s work. Just show up and steal her away from her normal routine. Take her somewhere quiet just for the two of you. It doesn’t have to be a restaurant date, it could just be a park, a lounge or somewhere you can hear the gushing water run bye.

In all, you’ll do well with just one or a combination of the above. Remember, you don’t have to rob a bank to express your love. Take it one day at a time. Happy Valentine’s, Cheers!!!

By Oluwatobiloba Odetoyinbo (@tobi_huntz)

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