Top 6 Ways To Increase iOS 13 Battery Lifespan

There are different ways to prevent and increase your battery lifespan, especially on iOS 13. We don’t pay attention to those little things that often drains the battery lifespan. Using your device properly can boost its lifespan and increase the usage for longer hours. We will be discussing the Top 6 ways to increase iOS 13 battery lifespan below, enjoy reading.

  1. Actual Use of Device

This is of one of the major determinants to increase the battery lifespan. It obvious you would love to explore your phone to the fullest but it advisable to check the usage of the battery. There are some apps and processes consuming your battery frequently. So go to “Settings” click on “Battery”, you will see the overview of the app and processes causing battery drain, that would give you an idea on how to prevent it.

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  1. Update Your App

Your apps are one of the biggest battery killers and most developers are aware of this. That’s why they’re constantly working on their apps to help reduce battery drain, this is because they want you to enjoy their apps for longer hours. So endeavor to always update your apps from time to time, this will increase your battery lifespan.

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  1. Screen Time

Screen time is really a fantastic feature to use, most people use it almost every day. However, it consumes a lot of battery in the background due to the login and integration into all of your devices. You might not realize it draining your battery beyond the usual and you can’t actually prevent this from happening except you turn it off. Doing that will save your battery from draining.

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  1. Screen Brightness

In case you don’t know, screen brightness kills your battery really fast. If you’re the type who constantly leaves the brightness high all day, you’re using more battery than you really needed. To prevent this, use automatic brightness. Go to “Settings”, click “General” then “Accessibility” then “Display Accommodations” and turn on the “Auto-Brightness”. This feature will automatically adjust to the light around you and it will prevent battery drain.

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  1. Wi-Fi

Using Wi-Fi could really increase your battery on iOS 13, use it as much as possible. With the latest updates and features on Apple new devices, there’s so much data going into your iOS devices. Scrolling Instagram could take up to 200MB to 500MB in one scrolling session, this means you’re using more data and battery connecting to the server. So using Wi-Fi would help limit the battery usage and also, your data if you don’t have unlimited.

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  1. Auto-Lock

Another way to increase your battery lifespan is using Auto-Lock. This would prevent your device from staying on unnecessary. To activate it, go to “Settings”, click “Display & Brightness” and set the “Auto-Lock” to 3 or 5mins. Also, turn off “Rise to Wake” to prevent your device from turning on to read your face or finger when it’s not needed.

All of these tips would help you combat battery drain and increase your battery lifespan. Endeavor to always update your iOS, Apple is constantly working on the battery lifespan through the iOS update.

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