A job interview is a simple discussion between you, the prospective employee, and the employer, to determine whether or not you are the right person for the job which you seek and have applied for. Going for a job interview requires a very good first impression which constitutes about fifty-five percent of how you look, which includes your dressing, grooming and body language, thirty-eight percent of your vocal quality, and seven percent of your skills. Now, what do you wear to a job interview to create that awesome and long-lasting first impression?


A suit jacket is a must for interviews. It not only carries the accurate sense of formality but presents you as a serious-minded individual. Dim colours such as dark blue, black or grey should be opted for when selecting the colours of your suit jacket, they must be plain, not patterned, and always correspond with the colour of your pant trousers.

  • A TIE

A dim colour tie is very suitable to add to your dressing. It need not be plain, but the patterns must not be loud to disturb that cool formal look you are opting for. Ties are very compulsory items to wear for an interview, never go tieless, and ensure the colour of your tie, matches your suit jacket and shirt.


Men shoes with heels are the first suitable options for interviews. The shoes portray a certain form of confidence and a strong personality. It also transfers a serious atmosphere in the air when you walk.


White shirts are the most appropriate for interviews. The colour white is a universal happy, warm and welcoming colour that everyone is easily susceptible to. Besides, any colour can be well combined with white, and it carries a neat, clean and balanced atmosphere with your outfit.



Body odour is always a turnoff and a big NO. It says everything negative about your hygiene and irritates that person sitting next to you. Ensure you are wearing a cool, pleasant smelling body spray when attending interviews, and spray on the right places to prevent a stain on your attire.

In conclusion, these suggestions are not limited to every kind of interview, especially those which do not specify formality for dress code or an appearance. However, it is very safe to stick with these suggestions as they would boost your appearance, carriage and first impressions on your interviewers.

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