Making your first suit Navy gray is actually a nice way to start your suit wears. Your second suit can still have a touch of gray tough; it should be a charcoal grey suit. It’s a great piece, it has all the versatility of a classic navy suit. It fits well with every wardrobe choice and your styling preference. Here @stylewithjibs, we would be showing you the best way to style it for your formal outing.

Like navy, charcoal grey is multi-functional, it goes well with variant colors of your choice. Your shirt and tie combination for the charcoal gray suit is limitless. White can be on the formal side, so choose blue for more of an everyday look. Rocking your stripped tie on it shows how stylish you are, but you need to be watchful of the strips so that it wouldn’t ruin your outfit. we like it when you keep it classic irrespective.


Other than the popular lapel style, your choice of pockets is so important. It has a great effect on how formal or less formal your suit appears. You can go for patch pockets or jetted pockets for the charcoal suit, your personal preference matters on this.

For beginners, your well-fitted jacket is a good match for jetted pockets. Second, if you want to appear more formally, you tweak things up with a pocket square. The versatility of your jacket is a decisive factor in your suit, although you can wear it separately. you will get to a point where your wardrobe curation will be focused on each suit as a monolithic piece.

Above all, a classic suit deserves some classic shoes. We are a big fan of Brogues, Oxford, Monkstrap shoes. Write us if you love to get the aforementioned shoes.

Thanks, as always, for reading.



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